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Penelitian Hukum Indonesia
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New Databases
Any database provider must ensure that the information it provides to its customers is both accurate and complete. PHI has demonstrated stringent compliance in both these aspects. The data contained on each CD-ROM has been meticulously researched and led light bulbs for home compiled. Updates are offered to customers on a quarterly, biannual or annual basis. Further developments aimed at rc helicopters for sale enhancing customer usability include the imminent launch of a dedicated website for electronic real-time downloadsmore...

Indonesian Law
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The Most Complete Collection of Indonesian Law


When it comes to your business, PHI is here to help
Have you ever wondered whether your company is really following the letter of the law? Or urgently needed to know what the latest regulation or ministerial decree actually says? Or perhaps you are looking to expand your business operations, but don't know where to start? If you are a company owner or corporate manager doing business here in Indonesia, the chances are you face these dilemmas on a daily basis.more...

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We live in the information age. For any business seeking to be competitive and remain sustainable, access to accurate information is more crucial than ever before. In Indonesia, as elsewhere, companies must abide by the law, but without easy access to a central repository of laws, obtaining correct legal information is not easy. And even when such information is available, frequent revisions, amendments and annulments make it difficult to know whether it is correct and up to date.
Penelitian Hukum Indonesia (PHI) is the foremost provider of Indonesian legal information. We maintain the most comprehensive and up-to-date databases containing regulations relating to tax, environment, insurance, oil and gas, mining, capital market, regional autonomy, state gazette, land, foreign investment and manpower, as well as the complete civil, criminal and commercial codes.

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