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Penelitian Hukum Indonesia
Graha Iskandarsyah 4-03
Jl. Iskandarsyah 66c
Jakarta 12160
P. +62-21-270 2383
F. +62-21-270 2384

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Penelitian Hukum Indonesia (PHI) is a full-service Indonesian firm established in 1995 providing a broad range of legal database to Indonesian and foreign clients All PHI database are developed with the latest software from NextPage, Inc, Folio® View that gives you the ability to access and search material stored on compact disc.

Folio Views provide the user with many useful features including:
Comprehensive tables of contents and hypertext links allowing you to move quickly through information.
Unstructured word searching capability.
The ability to use your own word processing programs within Folio® Views and a full range of notation tools, such as sticky notes and bookmarks.
Local Area Network compatible.
Folio® Views software is compatible with Windows (9x, NT, 2000, XP) versions.

Free on-site training in the use of Folio® Views and research methodology is provided with the purchase of a CD-ROM title. PHI also can assist you with the purchase and installation of a CD-ROM drive either in your network or in a stand-alone computer.

PHI stand behind its products and provides customer support for the Folio Views software installation. All of PHI's sales associates are trained in legal documentation and are available to assist you and your firm with expert research assistance in addition to answering any questions you might have about the Folio® Views software.

PHI can also help your firm develop its own databases, either on CD-ROM or magnetic media. These databases can then be accessed with the same Folio® Views software, lowering your training costs and improving your efficiency. All Folio® Views databases can be accessed from within Folio® Views during the same session. Thus you don't have to quit one program and start another to review your own materials.

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